We are building guitars slowly for sales. Pls. check every once in a while what we have. We will update our web site on a weekly basis. All present guitars for sale are listed below.  

If you have any inquiries, pls contact us by email or call.

1. Westend Jazz 17” Blond colour 1- pickup archtop (available also without pickup). It has x-bracing in the under the sound board

2. Westend Jazz Deluxe 17” Sunburst colour 2- pickup archtop with parallel bracing under the sound board.

Both Blues Deluxe guitars are hand carved solid body guitars and have a center block under the bridge. No bracing inside.

3 . Westend Blues Deluxe 1 lower neck angle like Gibson 335

4. Westend Blues Deluxe 2  Higher neck angle like Gretch

5. Westend Jumbo 16” is a fingerstyle all maple short scale acoustic guitar.

Westend Blues Deluxe (item number 1001)

This guitar is a prototype Westend Blues Deluxe from 2010. It was assembled in Finland by Juha Lottonen with all electronics and hardware. Like our other models, this guitar body is hand made in China in one of the most well known factories of quality guitars.

Maple neck, laminated maple top an bottom, mahogany block inside, Seymour Duncan 59 pickups. This guitar has not been in use for 13 years after we tested it and used at a trade fair. We just found it from our warehouse together with other guitars in our recent stock take of Westend Guitars.

Westend Blues Deluxe with a set of 10´s distortion

Westend Blues Deluxe with a set of 13´s clean

Price: 1800€

Westend Jazz Deluxe 17” (item number 1002)

This guitar is brand new. It arrived in Finland in 2010 and has been in our warehouse ever since. Hand carved maple back, sides maple plywood, top hand carved spruce. Neck 5 piece maple and ebony, fretboard ebony.  Two Seymour Duncan 59 humbucker pickups. Take a look at the video. The guitar has a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. When it came in, the lacquer was all new and looked kind of thick. After 13 years in our warehouse the lacquer has evaporated and shrunk. It has sunk inside the spruce top and you can see the grain of spruce reflecting through the lacquer. You cannot make this curly finish by hand.

It is no surprise that the guitar tone will improve in time. However, how much it had improved on our guitars was totally unexpected. Newly made guitars are no match to these. So if you are looking for a great sounding archtop, then this is it.

For jazz sound we recommend D´addario Chromes Flatwound Extra Light using singles 13 E and 15 B. You will not regret that.

Westend Jazz Deluxe with a set of 10´s clean

Westend Jazz Deluxe with a set of 13´s clean

Price: 3500€

Westend Jazz Deluxe 17” (item number 1003)

This guitar is the grandmother of all our archtop guitars. Top and back hand carved from bookmatched pieces of maple. Neck is 5 piece maple and ebony, fretboard ebony. Neck shape is traditional C shape, relatively bulky for a good reason, which is tone. Before manufacturing the tone woods have been dried for 12 years. This guitar was our prototype in 2010 and it has been unplayed for more than 10 years. Needless to say that the sound is really, really nice. Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. 

Price: 2900€

Westend Jumbo Deluxe 16” (item number 1004)

This acoustic guitar was our prototype for a longer scale acoustic. We later decided to go for a shorter scale. Only because we felt there was more market for that. At the time when we tested this guitar some 14 years ago, we assembled it with Finnish made B-Band pickup system. Now, after many years it sounds really great. Neutral kind of mellow sound. The neck is 3 piece maple, fretboard ebony. Body maple back and sides, top spruce. The maple colour is stained. Look at the details. Such a nice work and all hand made. 

Price: 1500€

Westend Jumbo 16” (item number 1005)

Jumbo 16” is Hessu´s brainchild. It took 6 prototypes before he was satisfied. This is an all maple guitar with spruce top. What makes it special is that the top soundboard is exceptionally thin, only 2,8mm. Short scale and body that goes gradually deeper towards the end of the lower bout. Inteded solely for fingerplay. A little wider neck, zero fret for more sustain, Very light touch, nice romantic and neutral sound.

We recommend Rotosound SB11 Super Bronze Acoustic Strings 011-052 to get the best sound. The strings have what they call “contact core” design similar to pianos. It greatly reduces the zing-sound coming from bridge.

You cannot ask for a better sound. However, you need to take good care of this kind of guitar: The thin soundboard is great sounding but not a guitar to be carried around at a beach party…

Price: 995€

Eastman 910CE 2006 (item number 1006)

This was Hessu´s personal guitar. The guitar was sold but read the story.

I bought this guitar in 2006 as new. It was used as a reference guitar to our own brand Westend. This is my personal guitar. Original Chinese Kent Armstrong floating pickup was replaced by Lottonen.com into salopickups J45 hand would humbucker. I went to see my friend Juha Lottonen an he took off the pickup. See from the photos. We both did not remember that the pickup we used was Jarno Salo´s pickup. It is handwould and really good. Spec PAF style. We took a video with jazz guitarist Jonannes Granroth. (new release Peela, “Notbad”) Not much to complain. He liked the guitar very much. Original pots are under the pickquard. The guitar has been unplayed for 13 years and kept in case in warehouse. I totally forgot that I had it since we have plenty of our own brand Westend guitars in stock. It was found in our stock take by accident. Now I am selling it. It is as good as new..in fact better because of upgraded pickup AND the fact that it has stood over time undamaged. Not likely to break in the future. Beautiful open sound, long sustain, very low action, setup by Mr Juha Lottonen himself about 2 weeks ago. I would keep it unless I had plenty of similar guitars. D´Addario 11 Chromes. Original Eastman case has some wear on the top. It was used several years ago in trade fairs for Westend guitars. Eastman was in a Westend box in our warehouse. The original case is pictured from the top side. I will use our company (Westend) UPS account to ship the product.


Price: 2400€

Westend Workhorse (item number 1007)

This is our new project. Pictured here is our prototype. We were inspired by the sound of jazz players Bill Frisell and Julian Lage who play with a sound that can easily be “copied” for home players. Of course, in the history there has been many other tele-players in jazz, Ted Greene, John Scofield, Tim Lerch, just to name a few. To get a good jazzy sound from this kind of guitar, you do not need much: just a basic ash/alder body and maple/maple – rosewood neck, a set of flatwounds and a small amp. Then, the rest is in the tune settings, the pick you use and your fingers. We recommend D´Daddario Chrome Light set 10:s

T-style guitar is also an icon in country music. Just switch to the bridge pickup and go. Also very good in rock if you crank the amp up. Want funk? Switch the toggle to center position.

This type guitar is the jack of all trades and we decided to make one that ticks all the boxes. However, we wanted to create a no-nonsense Workhorse that does not cost much but at the same time has all you can ask for.

As said, the guitar in the pictures is our prototype. Our target sales price is 400€. We are not even sure we will make them. It all depends on the feedback we get from the market. If you are interested, put your name on the wait list. We will contact you when the project is going forward.

See the video played by Johannes Granroth. No stomp boxes, just the guitar and Westend Tube 15 amp.

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