White Fish
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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My wife, our 2.5 year old dog Onni (happiness or luck in english) and I were on our cottage by the sea one weekend last winter. She went to buy things from the near by city and we were left fishing on our property. The sea was frozen but the ice was relatively thin. There was a spot just some 50 feet from us where the ice had melted and we were fishing with a worm from that melted spot from the land. Suddenly Onni saw a bird on the other side of the bay and started runnig towards the melted spot. Before I could do anything the ice broke and he was trying back on ice. Hopeless.. I had no life vest, rope or anything else and I propably had only a minute or two to react somehow. This little guy was my son with four feet! I was not going to let him drown just 30 feet from me looking at me desperately. I went flat on the ice and started to crawl towards him and the inevitable happened: I went in, too. I was about 20 feet from the land and it was deep.

I have alwas thought that you actually die if you fall through the ice without any equipment. I panicked and tried towards the land. There was nobody near and I had only maybe a couple of minutes before I would slow down because of hypothermia. On the first try the ice broke but on the second try the ice held as I reached the strong ice that was attached to the land. I managed to get on and turned back to him. Luckily I had broken the ice in front of him, too, so he had swum in my reach. I grabbed him from the chest hair and pulled on ice surpreasingly easy.

I was totally in shock but he was like "hey, this was fun." While still panicking I started walking/running towards our house which was about 100 feet distance. However, I stumbled to the fishing line as the rods were on land and the line was still out.
I got up and noticed that I only had my left "Crocs" left. The other was floating in the hole we made.

At the house I dried Onni and took a large Cognac while still in shock about the incident. I called my wife and told her about what had happened. A minute later my daughter and my son called me. Some time later all our friends.

I finally I decided to go and collect the rods that were left behind. This time I had my life vest on and so did he. As I got back to the drama scene I saw a white fish on the ice! While stumbuling to the line I had pulled a nice fish on the ice. I reeld it in and also "fished" my shoe from the hole.

Later in the evening we cleaned the fish and made a dinner to our friends.

This was close to be the most expensive fish.... I am still moved from the looks of Onni in the hole trying back.

The Photos: Onni and the fish we got. The next picture is Onni just after the incident with my pliers in his mouth. He likes to carry them around. The rest you can figure out easily.

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