A perfect setup makes a big difference. You end up liking the guitar or not. It makes you a good player or it makes you a bad player. Simple as that.

If the strings are too far from the frets, you need more power to produce a clean sound. Large chords become more difficult and you feel like even the easiest pieces are difficult. Uneven fretboard and unlevel frets produce fretbuzz.

Sharp edges of the frets scratch on your fingers and disturb your playing.

The pickups are set either too high or too low and the amplified sound is boomy or weak.

Not on our guitars. We make the final setup for all guitars in our distribution center in Finland. Everything possible is done to make sure that our guitars produce a good clean sound with minimum of effort. We also expect the same professionalism form all Westend dealerships. We accept nothing but perfection.

We also strive to give our customers as much information as possible on how to adjust our guitars for changing climate conditions and how to change the setup for different string configurations.