Quality Woods - Seeing is believing

Producing a high quality guitar starts from first class tone woods. Most of our products are based maple and spruce although we use mahogany,too.  All our woods are hand selected and dried for 19 years. We are especially proud of our flamed maple which keeps amazing our customers with beautiful look. Get one of our guitars in your hands and experience that yourself. A piece of art.

Few facts about tone woods

Traditionally archtop jazz boxes are made from maple and spruce. (Maple sides, back and neck, spruce top.) Maple has a very balanced tone, somewhat bright but very neutral. “Sweet” would be the right word. 

Spruce is very resonant and therefore used on the tops. Like  a speaker of an amplifier.

Mahogany is tonally a “blues”sounding wood, kind of bright, dry and crisp. It is also very hard and therefore good for the necks. 

Ebony is commonly used in the fretboards and bridges. It is very hard and wear resistant. Ebony tends to warm up the sound.


Our tone woods have been dried for 19 years for two reasons: the guitars will sound better and they will be more durable. Young tone woods tend to change shape for years and believe us, you don´want that: It is the grandmother of all problems!

One of the biggest problems in manufacturing is that the factory is in a warm and humid country and the market is in a cold and dry country. This will cause a lot of problems because the woods react to changing conditions. We make sure this will not happen with Westend Guitars. Northern winter causes a lot of problems because central heating of houses dries the air, sometimes the humidity is close to 25%. Construction wise we have made everything possible so that our guitars will keep their shape and setup exceptionally well but we also control our manufacturing process as well as our logistics so that our guitars are not exposed to extreme conditions. Quality woods and climate control are a key to high quality guitars.