Our guitar necks are either 3-piece or 5-piece construction.  

It is often said that a one piece neck has the best sound. However, one piece construction has a potential risk of twisting, bending and breaking. This is especially true with heavy jazz strings that create more tension on the neck. 

For acoustic reasons we like a little bigger 3-piece construction. It has a traditional C contour, which is easier for hands in chord play and has more “bite” in the sound. 

Some of our models have a 5 piece neck for durability reasons. Heavy jazz strings create more tension on the neck and ebony-maple 5-piece combination makes our necks much more rigid. 

All our necks are made with truss rod to enable a precise setup for different kinds of strings. Once you have purchased a fine guitar, you need to learn how to use the wrench tool for adjusting the neck. It needs to be adjusted every now and then for various reasons: humidity, different string gauge, etc.