Jazz 17”

Jazz 17” is a traditional 17 inch archtop is our ultimate fingerstyle acoustic guitar. It has one mini humbucker attached to the neck, tone and volyme pots and an adjustable ebony bridge. Originally we intended to make a fully acoustic guitar without any electronics but then we realized that a mini humbucker does not spoil the acoustic performance. Instead, it adds versatility of the guitar. Played through a good acoustic amplifier the performance of Jazz 17 is outstanding.

A combination of the acoustic sound from the guitar and the sound coming from the amplifier is a very popular setup for many jazz players. Until now, it has not been a reasonable choise for a bedroom guitarist due to the high prices of solid wood archtops. Not any more and certainly worth trying. The sound is great.

Jazz 17" specs:  
  • Body type 17” archtop
  • Top spruce, hand carved
  • Back maple, hand carved
  • Sides maple
  • Neck 3 piece maple
  • Fretboard ebony
  • Frets stainless steel, polished
  • Nut width 45mm
  • Bridge ebony adjustable
  • Tuners Wilkinson
  • Pickups 1 mini humbucker