Hand Carved

In order to fully understand what a quality hand made guitar means, we would like to explain briefly about the construction our our guitars and how they are made.


The tops of our guitars are cut from a large pieces of tonewood and hand carved into shape. This goes for our archtop models as well as our flattop models. Not many players know that the soundboards of flattops are not just flat pieces of wood. They are carved, too. From inside. (or should be if you make them right)

Since the top wood works as a resonator for the sound, it is extremely important to do this work well. The result is very much dependent on the skill of the luthier. The fact is that not all pieces of wood resonate the same way. An experienced luthier can fine tune the top by knocking, listening and carving from the right places. It is a skill that can only be learned by experience. What is the best result? A guitar that sounds good.


The backs of our guitars are made similar way from a 2-pieces of tonewoods that are actually mirror images of the same piece of woood. Imagine sawing a piece of wood in two halves, opening it like a book and glueing the pieces together.

This process is called bookmatching as sawing and gueing is very similar to opening a book flat on the table.

Unlike many brands we do not use laminated tonewoods for cost reasons. You have to do a lot of marketing to make them sound as good as our hand carved quality!