Fretboards and Frets

The fretboards are made of ebony which is durable, good looking and makes a perfect platform for the frets. As mentioned, ebony also darkens the sound of the guitar.  Ebony is also somewhat of a tradition on archtop jazz guitars, not only because of looks but because of the sound as well.  A goodsSound is very much about a combining different tone woods and the fretboard wood has a surprisingly pronounced effect on the tone.

The frets on our guitars are made from stainless steel. This you do not find in many guitars because they are expensive to make. Stainless steel is a relatively new material for the frets but we decided to go for it for a couple of reasons.

The most important reason is that stainless steel frets do not wear out.  Compared to soft brass frets they are at least 10 times more durable.  Secondly, stainless steel frets can be poslished to a very high quality finish which makes bending of the strings very easy.  Stainless steel frets have less friction against the string when they are polished. Stainless steel is also harder than brass, for example. Also fret noise is very low when you bend the strings.