Deluxe Jazz 17”

Deluxe Jazz 17" is a traditional sunburst version of our Jazz 17". It has parallel bracing and a 5-piece maple-ebony neck with traditional C- shape neck. Originally we inteded to use somewhat slimmer neck on this model but our factory made a mistake on the sample and made a bigger neck. We liked the sample so much that we decided to change the specs acoordingly. Sometimes guitar design is more luck than science.

Deluxe Jazz Sample One:

Normally the strings are D´Addario 10' s to enhance more versatile sound and ease of play. However, with a set of 13´s you can get the same sound as what you can hear on many jazz recordings. The basic design gives more freedom to change the tone with the amplifier and tone pots. It is very easy to get a dark and muddy sound but very difficult to get dynamics and brightness at the same time. We think we have them all in one package. Just turn the knobs to the right position and play. How do you like the looks?

HiFi sound in a guitar that looks like a piece of art.

Deluxe Jazz 17" specs:  
  • Body type 17” archtop
  • Top spruce, hand carved
  • Back maple, hand carved
  • Sides maple
  • Neck 5 piece maple/ebony
  • Fretboard ebony
  • Frets stainless steel, polished
  • Nut width 45mm
  • Bridge ebony/metal adjustable
  • Tuners Wilkinson
  • Pickups Westend humbucker