Deluxe Blues

Deluxe Blues 16” is our semi-acoustic model for different kinds of music. It is very versatile and resists feedback much better than full size archtops. It has a square center block inside, just under the bridge and it can be delivered with a stop tail. The neck is thinner than in the other models because we aim for more “electric” sound. If you do not like the 45mm nut width we can always deliver it with more narrow neck.

Due to the light weight and very responsive body, the sound has lots of sustain. It works well with clean sounds as well as distorted “bluesy” old school sounds.  We have not tried it with P90´s yet but we think it would work extremely well with them, too.

We expect this guitar to become a popular choise for all kinds of modifications: P90´s, Bigsby, stop tail, etc. The body is versatile enough to perform in any configuration.

Deluxe Blues specs:  
  • Body type 16” semi
  • Top maple, hand carved
  • Back maple, hand carved
  • Sides maple
  • Neck 3 piece mahogany
  • Fretboard ebony
  • Frets stainless steel, polished
  • Nut width 45mm
  • Bridge ebony/metal adjustable
  • Tuners Gotoh
  • Westend humbucker