About Us

Westend Guitars is a new company in the guitar business. Our head office and distribution center is located in Helsinki, Finland. The company may be young but the people behind have a lot of experience in making guitars, working in the studios, playing, marketing and in international trade. The idea of starting a new guitar company grew from a casual discussion about the fundamentals of Hi-Fi sound and the requirements for the guitar body, electronics and hardwear. Our conclusion was that the best solution normally is the most expensive one. Today we are group of dead serious people committed to work 24/7 to produce Hi-Fi guitars at affordable prices.

Our Mission

There are many high quality guitars available on the European market but the prices are so high that very few of us can afford to buy them. Good things do not come cheap but we decided to try to do our best in finding a solution. 

Hi-Fi sound is mostly needed in home and studio enviroment. Good dynamics is the key to Hi-Fi sound played at low volyme. Depending on the instrument: archtop, solid body or flattop, the solution is always different.

How do we do that?

All our guitars are made from best parts available from our suppliers all over the world. Guitar bodies are designed and made inhouse or by our subcontructors. All assembly and final setup is done in Helsinki.

We have designed our guitar bodies and hardwear according to our liking based on intensive testing. Our experienced staff includes luthiers, engineers and session players.